Recruitment 2021: Vermont Extends Offer to Evan Guillory

Vermont Heads to the Granite State for Their Latest Recruit

And just like that the Vermont Catamounts head back to 2021 recruitment well – this time extending a scholarship to G/F Evan Guillory. Verbal Commits officially lists Guillory as a two-star 6’2 point guard, but similar to another recent Catamount recruit (Jace Carter) Guillory is likely closer to that 6’4 – 6’5 range. Likewise, Guillory appears to project better from the wing rather than the primary ball handler. Currently, every 2021 Vermont scholarship has been geared towards big, athletic G/F combos. John Becker and the rest of the coaching staff certainly have a type. Does Guillory have a future in the green and gold?

A native of Joplin, Missouri, Guillory seems a bit outside of Vermont’s typical recruitment pipelines. However, the young buck for Mizzou has most recently been playing for the New Hampton School just a stone’s throw away in New Hampshire. Guillory was actually a significant contributor to the team last year which was able to capture their first ever NEPSAC title after beating the likes of both Brewster and Vermont Academy. Along with that, the connection to Vermont goes deeper, as New Hampton head coach Andrew Gale spent four years as Graduate Assistant Coach for the Catamounts. There’s no doubt that coach Gale and coach Becker have had plenty of conversations and will certainly have plenty more.

Besides Vermont, Bryant is only other program to have officially offered Guillory a scholarship, but don’t be shocked to see his mailbox littered with scholarship offers across the northeast in no time. Vermont has very clearly made their intentions known with the type of player they‘re searching for. Sophomore G/F Eric Beckett is currently slated to be the only wing for Vermont come 2021, so fixating on these strong, athletic combo players is keen for the Cats. Ideally that’s where Guillory envisions himself at the next level.

On paper Guillory checks all the boxes for Vermont and should only continue to progress and develop into a better player over the course of his senior year at New Hampton. Coach Gale certainly knows the type of culture and winning program that’s been established at Vermont. Hopefully he can keep that fire burning and nudge Guillory up towards Burlington next fall. As for a potential fit? Anything can happen, so for now let’s examine where he might be able to impact the Cats moving forward.

Where Does Guillory Create the Most Impact?

There’s some decent footage from Guillory’s time at Joplin High School, as well as a few clips from last years run at New Hampton. Seems all but certain that Vermont would look for Guillory to help fill the vacancy at the wing, but he definitely has the ability to cover 1-3 with ease. From the available tape there’s definitely a few areas that stick out about Guillory’s game. He possesses good playmaking ability and showcases that as he can get his shots up in a variety of ways whether it’s off the dribble, catch-and-shoot and even driving to the rim. However if there’s one facet in particular that will catch your eye it’s his hustle and intensity on the defensive end.

It’s not much of a secret that John Becker covets players who can not only excel on the defensive side, but also handle multiple defensive assignments. Guillory looks like he’d be a great match from that perspective as he constantly shows the ability to lock up his man, along with a knack for sliding over for assistance. The intensity is on full display, as Guillory is hustling left and right to make steals and using his strength and athleticism to play above the rim to swat away would be shots. The dude has a serious motor and plays angry. Gotta love that passion.

Guillory has a solid shot, though he likely projects better as a slashing guard/wing due to his attacking mindset. While he is officially listed as a point guard, his role has shifted. Yet, there are some facets of Guillory’s game that have benefited from his time at the point such as his handles and court vision. Those assets certainly help push Guillory into a more complete player, but he’s still far from a polished prospect. 

With one more year to hone his craft at the high school level, expect Guillory to focus his time and effort around three-point shooting. The easiest way for Guillory to make an immediate impact at the next level is to become a 3-and-D player. Most college programs are hesitant to play freshmen straight out of the gate, but if a player can excel from a 3-and-D standpoint it can quickly lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Has Vermont Found Their Next Swingman?

Could Guillory play point at the next level? Possibly, but seems unlikely considering how he’s better suited for the wing. There might be some scenarios where Guillory initiates the offense, though don’t expect that to become the norm. Realistically, his best fit will come from attacking with the ball in his hands and creating shots or dishing to an open man. On the defensive side of things, Guillory should be an absolute menace and will likely earn most of his praise from that side of the court.

Guillory’s strengths and style of play should mesh well with the Cats philosophy. Playing at New Hampton, Vermont will have close eyes on Guillory throughout the season. As a semi-local prospect, Vermont doesn’t have to cut through as much Covid red tape to watch and assess Guillory which could be a big factor. Likewise, the Vermont connection with coach Gale will likely play a significant role in Guillory’s decision making. It’s a very intriguing situation and should be interesting to watch it all play out in the coming months.

Based on Vermont’s recruiting trajectory at the moment, the Cats will no doubt be looking to add at least one more combo G/F into the mix. Even if Guillory enters the fold, this is definitely an area that John Becker and company have deemed priority number one and will continue to build around. Guillory should see an uptick in offers sooner than later, so it’ll be up to Vermont to stay in the loop if they believe Guillory is their man. Hopefully those Vermont connections pay off.

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