America East Award Predictions

It’s Officially Award SZN Barring the UML – Hartford contest later tonight, the America East regular season has come to a close. The conference tournament

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Game Preview: Vermont vs UMass-Lowell

The Vermont Catamounts (23-5) host the UMass-Lowell River Hawks (14-13) Saturday afternoon in Burlington, VT. Vermont aims to complete the season sweep, while UML hopes to improve their playoff seeding.

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@low_madness @LoganJonesMaple @stevej20107123 H2H shouldn’t matter for rankings? That’s literally the de facto tie breaker. UVM was under .500 2 weeks ago but this list is for today not 2 weeks ago. Simply looking at a teams record is meaningless. FAU has the best record in D1 - should they be ranked first?

@low_madness @LoganJonesMaple @stevej20107123 Bryant is a solid team but ranking them ahead of UVM because they beat a bad Syracuse team doesn't translate. Even if you throw out national ratings, SoS and conference record, UVM still beat them H2H - a game in which UVM never trailed for a full 40 mins. What am I missing?

@low_madness @LoganJonesMaple @stevej20107123 Do you not account for ratings, SoS or H2H match ups when compiling these lists? Bryant’s a solid team but to say they’re better than UVM when UVM has beat them, has a better conference record, stronger SoS and is nationally ranked higher than them is pretty ignorant.

@low_madness @LoganJonesMaple @stevej20107123 KenPom has Bryant ranked 188, UML 153 and UVM 130. Fact. NCAA has Bryant ranked 155, UML 137 and UVM 135. Fact. ESPN and CBS Sports both have UVM in the tournament over these teams. Fact. What "facts" am I missing?

@low_madness @stevej20107123 Did you look at the teams Bryant and UML played in non-conference and compare it to UVM? While Bryant was waxing D3 teams, UVM played against top programs (Saint Mary’s, USC, Iona). D3 wins clearly mean nothing as Bryant got clowned by UVM once conference play began.

@stevej20107123 @low_madness UVM is also above both UML and Bryant in the AE. This list seems to just account for W-L record. Unlike Bryant and UML, UVM played a tough non conference schedule. Those D3 wins don’t mean much when you’re a middle of the pack team but this guy seems to think so.

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